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Grilled Eggplant & Tomato Capsicum Relish

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Grilled Eggplant & Tomato Capsicum Relish

January 25, 2020 By Stephie W

The great thing about this recipe is you can tweak it in so many ways. We mopped up all the juices with bread afterwards, but you could just as easily serve it on some toast as a brunch dish, or crumble some feta cheese on top.⁣

We also had a heap of leftover relish at the end, which we're planning to use as a pasta sauce later in the week. 

Try it out and let me know what kind spin you put on it!⁣

You'll need:

- Eggplants, cut lengthways about 1cm thick

- Red onion, chopped

- Capsicum, chopped

- Tomatoes

- Garlic

- Olive oil

- Salt and pepper

Put it together:

1. Grill the eggplants on the BBQ, grill pan or sandwich press until they're nice and soft and slightly charred (which is what we did - it's so easy!)

2. Sautee the onion and capsicum together with some salt and pepper and crushed garlic until soft.

3. In a food processer, chop the onions. Add the cooked onion and capsicum.

4. Arrange the eggplants on a plate, drizzle olive oil on top and then spoon the tomato capsicum relish on.


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