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Meet the Producers #3 | Wombat Forest Organics

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Meet the Producers #3 | Wombat Forest Organics

March 30, 2017 By Alex Chavet

Wombat Forest Organics


Wombat Forest Organics farms are located in Lyonville, the central Victorian Highlands near Daylesford, in Victoria. The farm is owned and run by George, Anne and their son Adam Bremner, and they have been farming certified organically for more than 20 years.

Adam Bremnar runs this Farm at Lyonville and is the sixth generation in his family to do so. Wombat Forest Organics is situated on top of the Great Dividing Range in the central highlands region of Victoria. Although the cold climate restricts their vegetable production to a season, it does ensure produce of pristine freshness. The elevation of their area is 800m above sea level means the farm is ideally suited to root vegetables. They grow: several varieties of potato, carrots, beetroots and parsnips and have a stellar crop of strawberries this season.

Wombat Forest Organics place extreme emphasis on producing organic produce superior in flavour and appeal.

Wombat Forest Organics strict adherence to a regime of cropping, harvesting, grading, packing and storage ensures that Local customers receive organic produce of the very highest quality.