It wasn't that long ago that we were growing organic veggies ourselves, on a beautiful organic farm just outside Daylesford. We used to spend our weekends at farmers markets around regional Victoria, selling our fruit and veggies and watching how our produce would make people's face light up. We love connecting wonderful people with great food, and helping the community learn more about where their food comes from.


This is Serge, he runs Local Organic Delivery. Way back when we started, Serge was an organic farmer, growing all the fruit and veggies himself on a farm just outside of Daylesford. These days, Serge lives in Melbourne and sources the fruit and veggies from organic farmers throughout Victoria, many of them old farmer friends.


This is Serge's partner Stephie. She used to help Serge on the farm, picking beetroots and potatoes, weeding the seemingly endless rows of carrots, and selling fruit and veggies at weekend farmers markets around Victoria. These days she helps out behind the scenes, taking photos for social media and finding delicious recipes for us to enjoy.


Say hello to our wonderful packing team, who lovingly pack your boxes each week. We're pretty lucky to have this bunch of dedicated and downright awesome group of people to work with.