It’s easy to look sustainable, but much harder to be sustainable. We’re all about reducing food waste, shrinking food miles, and we’ve managed to cut out plastic all-together. We’re redefining what sustainable food looks like.


All our fruit and veggies come from certified organic farms. That means they have been grown the way nature intended, without any toxic herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers. As a result you get food that's good for your health, tastes great, and helps our natural environment and wildlife thrive.


We want to make it easy for people to do something good for the environment. So when you open your fruit & veggie box, all you'll find is fresh, organic produce - without any packaging. Our organic fruit and veggie boxes are totally plastic free, and our organic extras either come in compostable or recyclable packaging. We also re-use our boxes, so when you've unpacked your fruit and veggies just flatten the box and leave it out for your driver to collect at your next delivery.


Australia produces more than 7 tonnes of food waste each year. And we're doing our bit to fix that. After we pack your fruit & veggie box, any leftovers are donated to food charities. And food scraps that can't be eaten are turned into compost, or donated to the very happy cows on the farms where some of your veggies are grown.