We're taking a little break over Xmas. Our last delivery will be Thur 24 December, and we will resume deliveries on Thur 7 Jan 2021.


We're all about eating local food and supporting local farmers. Our produce is picked by hand and packed by hand, and we get it from the farm gate to your front door in a flash. It’s a return to the simple life, the slow life, when Victorians actually knew who grew their food. When you could put a face to your fruit.


You’ll notice there aren’t any bananas, avocados or imported Brazilian lychees in your box. That’s because we only source food that’s grown close to home (and lychees are pretty thin on the ground ‘round here). We want to support Victorian farmers and reduce food miles wherever we can. That means more support for local communities, and better quality veggies for you.


Inside your box is the rarest treat of all – a surprise. We pick whatever’s in season, so some months there’ll be pumpkins and others there’ll be peaches. This is part of the fun of eating organic. You can experiment with new flavours, new recipes, new ingredients. Let your inner chef run wild through a field of carrots. The world is your turnip, people.


When you see Local Organic Delivery stamped on a box, you know that everything inside is grown naturally and certified organic. From Mildura to the Mornington Peninsula, we pick the best produce so you don’t have to go hunting around for the perfect zucchini (trust us – it’s already in there). This is natural, affordable, healthy, scrumptious food. Eating organic has never been easier.