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Fancy a certified organic produce box delivered to your door? Check if we’re delivering to your neighbourhood.

Seasonal, certified organic produce delivered to your door

Our mission is simple. To provide the absolute freshest, most affordable, 100% certified organic produce to your doorstep while supporting farmers in our region.

Your organic box will be filled to the brim with a variety of the best produce in season. Just choose your box size, add your extras, and sit tight as our farmers prepare your organic fruit and vegetable box for delivery.

Small Organic Box


6.0 kg

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Medium Organic Box


8.0 kg

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Large Organic Box


12.0 kg

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What's in the organic box?


Winter is finally here and Jack Frost is knocking at the door (delivering your box of Local goodies, of course!). We're having to travel further to source your produce but our boxes are bursting with goodness. From old favourites, to root vegetables, and citrus fruit, you'll keep nourished and fighting fit through the coldest months. Expect your winter box to include a selection of the following delights from across Victoria:

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Enough from us, this is what our customers think about their organic boxes.

How it works

They grow


Each week, our local farmers find the best organic fruit and vegetables in season on their organic farms.

They pick and pack your organic boxes every Friday ready for delivery Saturday morning making Local the freshest organic boxes available in Melbourne.

We currently source our organic produce from the following farms

 Captains Creek Organic Farm

 Mount Franklin Organics

 Wombat Forrest Organics

We deliver


Have your organic fruit and vegetable box delivered to your home or office.

We offer a one off, weekly or fortnightly delivery option for your organic box to suit your kitchen's needs. If you’re not home, we can leave your organic box at your front door or discuss other options with you

You eat


Discover new foods and flavours while supporting local, sustainable and organic farming methods.

Choose what you make or let our ideas, tips, and recipes inspire you.

Still have some questions?

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It's our Community

It's the farmers who grow our organic produce using best practice farming methods.

It's the team that visit the farms and purchase the highest quality seasonal organic produce to pack into your weekly organic boxes.

It's the customers who sidestep the supermarkets in favour of organic produce that is ethical, delicious and conveniently boxed and delivered.

It's our Commitment

All of our organic produce boxes are:

Certified organic 

GM Free 

Socially responsible 


It's Local Initiatives

Price shouldn't be a barrier to safe and healthy food.

Stay tuned for details of a new Local project that will improve access to affordable organic food for people living on a low-income.

It's Local Learning

Learning is what living is all about which is why Local is excited to join with our farmers to offer exciting and informative farm visits throughout the year.

You'll have the chance to forage in the fields and learn what organic farming is all about.


You're supporting Melbourne’s Local Organic Delivery. Local Organic Delivery contributes to a food system built on sustainability, a fair go for farmers and the freshest organic produce in Melbourne.

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