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Organic vegetable & fruit box delivery

Our mission is simple. To provide fresh, affordable, 100% certified organic produce to your doorstep while supporting farmers in our region.

Your organic box will be filled to the brim with a variety of the best produce in season. Just choose your box size, add your extras, and sit tight as we prepare your organic fruit and vegetable box for delivery.

We deliver every Thursday and Saturday between 7am - 2pm. Orders placed by midday Tuesday will be delivered that week.

Our subscriptions are flexible, and you can cancel at any time. Once you subscribe, you can customise your delivery schedule and skip weeks to suit your needs.

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Medium Organic Box


8.0 kg

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Large Organic Box


12.0 kg

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What's in the organic box?


As we head into the warmer months we're going to start seeing even more wonderful variety of veggies and fruit from all corners of Victoria. Expect a colourful box full of roasting veggies, greens, salad veggies and leafy greens, and a few different kinds of fruit.

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Enough from us, this is what our customers think about their organic boxes.